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Information for exchange students.
A Danish law, effective 15th. May 2006, requires all non-EU citizens to pass a theory and a practical test in order to exchange your original driving license into a Danish license. So, if you have your residence and wish to drive in Denmark, you are required to change your current driving license to a Danish license.

For the final practical test, the law requires the test must be taken through an approved driving school using a driving instructors car.

Procedures in exchanging a Danish driving license:

Option A
A total selfstudy option

This solution will seem the cheapest, but might in the end be the most expensive solution, because you will risk failing the theory test, and the result can be a costly affair and in addition you risk to lose the license you have for other categories other than the B category, (personal car license) failing on the 3rd attempt.

If you choose this Option A, Københavns Køreskole offers the following:
  • Access to program
  • Inform us when you are ready for a theory test
  • See possible dates available from our www for a theory test
  • Contact us again when you have passed the theory test

Solution B
You can choose to have Københavns Køreskole assist you from A to Z
Københavns Køreskole can assist you with the following in Solution B:
  1. We will assist you with the procedures regarding the rules in obtaining Danish license
  2. We can have your original driving license translated if required (not incl)
  3. Access to online trial picture tests
  4. Access to available online tutoring and direct classes
  5. Access to intensiv Traffic Law class regarding the absolute necessary rules in Denmark
  6. We teach you how to answer the questions at the theory test.
  7. We evaluate your chances of passing the picture tests
  8. We supply you an online program with 26 x 25 numerous picture tests all in English
  9. We supply you with a list of vocabularies which will be used at the test
  10. We will test and prepare you for the final practical and technical test
  11. Finally, we will enrol you for the final practical test. Københavns Køreskole requires at least 2 lessons to check your driving skills before the final practical test.

For more information on prices look under: Pricelist for driving license